Diesel Driven Generator Set
Posted on May 16, 2023
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Lab Equipment India
Europe, Sweden
Omari Walker
Engine: Water-cooled with fresh water loop and tropical radiator Synchronous speed: Up to 1500rpm Cartridge oil filter External fuel filter Industrial silencer exhausts with suitable flexible piping Mechanical speed governor Heavy duty air cartridge filter Automatic electric starter including batteries, leads and automatic battery charging equipment Fuel tank of suitable construction with capacity sufficient to run the generator set continuously for 8 hours at the rated capacity Made of steel sheets of appropriate thickness subjected to anti-oxidizing treatment and covered with epoxy resin with suitable protection factor Product Link: https://www.labequipmentindia.com/power-generation/diesel-driven-generator-set-10436 Website: www.labequipmentindia.com Email: sales@labequipmentindia.com
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